I am laughing so hard because Adil made this yesterday;


it was a joke, ‘shopped, this is the real photo;


But Manchester United fans thought it was real and..


And then this happened..

Telegraph, Mundo Deportivo, Libero, Depor..

God, I love internet.

God, I love Photoshop.

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Birthday: 28.02

Favourite number: 18, 6, 31 

Height: 166 cm

Talents: dont know 🙈

Arts/sports/both: sports

Do you like writing: yes

Do you like dancing: sometimes🍺

Am I good at it? No 🙈

Singing: no!!!


Dream vacation: Philippines! ☀️

Dream guy/gal: a footballer, lol.

Dream wedding: with my dream guy

Dream pet: i already have a dog (golden retriever)

Dream job: dont know


Favourite song: Blau - Kraftklub ; Irgendeine Nummer - Kraftklub

Favourite album: In schwarz - Kraftklub

Last song you’ve heard on the radio/youtube: Unsere Fans - Kraftklub

Least favourite song: /

Least favourite album: /

Least favourite artist: /

Hair Colour: it should fit

Eye colour: brown, blue

Humorous/serious: humorous

aller/shorter: Taller

Biggest turn off: arrogance, stupidity

Biggest turn on: eyes, humor, honesty and football

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